In 1982, Kathi Bonamici Vidrine and her three daughters found themselves in the coastal community of Lake Charles, Louisiana, through an act of unexpected fate. With very little money, no friends or family in the area and a strong will for survival, Kathi developed an unrelenting dream for success. She recognized being an entrepreneur was God’s calling in her life, even though she had very little know-how in business. She was sure her passion and work ethic would supersede her inadequacies. Therefore, she took a chance and began her journey as a business woman in the shrimping industry, first, in Leesville, La. Because Leesville was a city known for being friendly to peddlers, she commuted there daily to sell her shrimp supply on the side of the road. Her bubbly personality, integrity and genuine love for humanity won her the respect of the public. “Kathi, the Shrimp Lady” had become a staple in the business community.

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